Are you a garden gym bunny?

According to, a garden and conservatory furniture etailer, we are heading outside for our fitness fix as now one in three of us admit to using our gardens as a makeshift gym. Personally I see the appeal, not that I have a garden as I live in a flat, but I use the space I have (in front of my TV) to do workout DVDs and I’ve done a couple of HIIT (high intensity interval training) at home as it’s much less intimidated than doing it in the gym, something that 40 per cent of women agree with me about. Where I’m just starting HIIT I’m building my fitness and I’d rather do that without glaring eyes of strangers. Not to mention running on the spot really fast is a black eye waiting to happen with my chest – even with a bra and a sports bra on – so I like to keep that activity out of sight of prying eyes.

It is also a hell of a lot cheaper. Unless you have the luxury of having a The Gym in your town with super low monthly membership (£15.99) you are paying sometimes £50 per month for the pleasure of improving your fitness. While I enjoy a swim and have in my time attended a yoga class or two, that is just an expenditure that some can’t afford.

With the rise of fitness DVDs from C-List celebs such as Geordie Shore babes Charlotte Crosby (3-Minute Belly Blitz) and Vicky Pattison (7 Day Slim), soap stars, Hannah Waterman (Body Blitz) and Jennifer Ellison (Fat Blaster Workout), and other TV personalities like Davina McCall (Fit in 15) and Josie Gibson (30-Second Slim) it no wonder home workouts are become more popular and while we’re picking our garden over the gym, it’s not just our gardens that are seeing more action. According to, 60 per cent of British adults prefer to exercise outdoors rather than in a gym or sports hall, while 67 per cent of women ages 18-30 are more likely to choose their garden as their workout space.

girl-262331_1280Craig Corbett, marketing manager at, said: “Being fit and healthy is now seen as the new sexy, and even though gym memberships are becoming increasingly affordable, people are waking up to the fact that exercising doesn’t have to cost the earth. Many people are now questioning why they should bother paying for a gym membership at all when they can make use of their own space – whether that’s a yard, balcony or garden.

“Those choosing to work out in the garden or outdoor space will benefit not only from the exercise, but also the boost in vitamin D the sunshine is able to offer them – all without spending a penny.”

So next time you’re worrying about going to the gym, remember there is a whole world of outdoor exercising potential, ladies, and anywhere can be your gym.

For more information about Alfresia check out their website,

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