Could you live on a powdered diet?

Makers of a new powdered food product which launched earlier this year are on the hunt to find one lucky – or unlucky dependent on how you feel about food – person who is willing to consume only their product for an entire year, no cheating! The company in question, Huel, are hoping that a princely sum of £35,000 will entice one Brit into giving up solids and taking on the Huel challenge.

flour-186568_1280I can’t think of anything worse, but then at the end of it I’d have a deposit for my own house and be able to take a holiday and pay off debts and all because I gave up a year of my life to a powdered breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’d certainly give it a go, but the lure of my friends chocolate and chips might get in the way a bit I have to say.

Since its launch in June, Huel’s powdered food has been a huge hit with us, selling out three times in the first month despite some criticism from a nutritional stand point. However, it has been rigorously tested and delivers 100 per cent of the government recommended nutrition that the human body needs. It is also vegan-friendly and has no added sugar. It’s texture and taste has been likened to vanilla porridge and was designed to prevent overeating by not being too flavoursome.

If a £35,000 pay out after 365 days of Huel floats your boat then you might want to look into it further, but with daily Skype calls from a monitoring team, weekly visits to Huel HQ for medical assessments and a mandatory 30 minutes of physical activity per day, dictated by the Huel team, you have to be truly strong willed to get on board with this challenge. It is not for the faint at heart that is for sure.

On second thoughts, I think I’ll give it a miss. Having used meal replacement shakes for four months I know that it is a mental challenge more than anything to have the same things day in day out but the same meals three times a day without any snacks or indulgences in that time? I can see myself cracking. Goodbye birthday meals, Christmas dinner, special treats, cakes, chocolates, biscuits, curries, pasta and everything and anything that you like as everything is off the table.

I bet by day 10 you’ll be craving a veggie if nothing else.

To find out more about Huel and their year challenge visit


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