Don’t skip the most important meal of the day

breakfast-848313_1280A survey has revealed that the average Brit skips five meals a week – I think I add five meals a week but that’s neither here nor there – with breakfast being the most likely meal to be skipped despite it being the most important. Everyone needs that kick start to their day, right?

I fall into the category given as the most popular excuse for not eating, ‘I don’t have time’. Sometimes that just is the case, and before I started taking my fitness seriously I valued sleeping over brekkie and would just skip it, opting for a brunch meal instead. Now, I make the time and take a breakfast to work or quickly put something together post gym with a Body Coach 15 minute meal. There is no excuse when it takes 15 minutes.

Skipping 260 meals a year is an astonishing statistic, with three breakfasts, one lunch and one dinner become the average skipped meals of Brits in a week. Personally, dinner used to be the most important meal for me and I only skipped it if I was extremely tired, seeing as I skipped breakfast, skipping dinner would mean one meal per day for me and that’s not practical for anyone.

Two thirds of us also cite that they ‘couldn’t be bothered to meal prep’ as another reason for skipping vital meals. Since following The Body Coach I have had to find the time to prep my breakfasts and lunches otherwise I’m left with sandwiches or wraps which bloat me out and make me groggy, but I do find meal prepping a tiring and long winded job. I usually cook dinner, eat and then meal prep for the next day, normally using the same pans, meaning twice the washing up and twice the chopping.

I wouldn’t be where I am without meal prepping but it is having the right mentality to do it that is important. Ensuring that you have an end goal in mind, and even mass meal prepping is the way forward, a busy lifestyle just means you have to be more organised.

There are no excuses for poor preparation.

The above study was carried out by


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