His name is Jim

JimbagsI’ve found the perfect, or at least most stylish, accessory to take to the gym, and his name is Jim…

You probably won’t have heard of JimBag just yet as it is a brand new lifestyle and leisure brand that has launched in Manchester but it is the epitome of cool clobber. Being practical is one thing but it is utter style and I seriously don’t know why a ‘Jim’ bag is only just emerging – unless someone else has cottoned on to this brilliant idea and just kept it to themselves! I’ve been referring to the gym on and off as ‘Jim’ for years so the fact that some savvy entrepreneur is just claiming the name is shocking, however I’d say he’s nailed it.

British-made by Anthony Bingham, a semi-pro rugby player – and genius in my eyes – JimBag is a unisex bag that comes in a range of colours and is effortlessly smart. Available in canvas bags, holdalls, washbags and a range of different coloured hoodies all sporting the JimBag stap of approval, it is designed to have an urban edge and is multifunctional with gym to office powers – if only we were so transformational, gym to office for me as a 50 minute slog!

Complimenting countless looks, JimBag can turn any gym goddess into a stylish shopper or elegant employee effortlessly.

Can I have one in every colour please?

If you’re interested in a JimBag you can find more info at www.jimbag.co.uk.


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