My job helped me gain weight

It’s not a surprise that a desk job is killer when it comes to weight gain. I’ve had to work very hard to incorporate as much exercise into my day as possible, and since I’ve got a Fitbit I’ve seen vast improvements as it is a constant reminder that I’m not active enough.

I start work at 9.30am and finish at 6pm, like most. Before I started my fitness journey I would wake up for 8.15am, get ready, walk 10 minutes to the bus stop, bus to work and then walk five minute from the bus stop to my office. I would sit from 9.30am until 1pm (getting up occasionally for a toilet or coffee break) and then for lunch I’d either sit at my desk or maybe go to the local supermarket to buy lunch. Work would start again from 2pm and I wouldn’t move until 6pm when I repeated my bus journey. I’d get home, cook dinner and then lounge in front of the TV until 10pm-ish and then crawl into bed to wait for the routine to start again the next day. I probably took less than 2000 per day.

I was basically a slob.

I’ve had an office job now for two and a half years, and I gained so much weight in my first year that it led to me becoming my heaviest weight ever. Apparently, the average office worker gains 16lbs in the first eight months in a sitting environment, I’d say that was right and then some.

I think this weight gain was partially responsible for me taking my weight loss seriously because I hated how much weight I’d put on, and having previously worked in retail I’d been on my feet and while I was still overweight I was content with my weight. I say content, I was just coping.

Right now I’m wondering how long it will be until standing desks become popular in offices due to the way that we as a nation, and to be honest the change in attitudes towards fitness globally, has affected our stance on health. Recently London saw a pop-up office that housed a dozen hot desks for Londoners to try out a standing work environment, had I been in London that day I would have been curious to try it out and see if the benefits that experts go on about are worth it.

unnamedVaridesk, a desk that allows you to sit and stand at your leisure could be the way of the future should the power of pop-up offices start to see an upheaval in the workplace and there be an increased demand for ergonomically friendly working stations. The padded mouse mat and keyboard might not be enough anymore, I’m afraid Mr Manager.

But what exactly does a standing desk offer you that your traditional desk doesn’t? The answer, everything!
A Varidesk helps you to correct posture that is caused by sitting down as sitting in a chair for 10 or more hours per week can directly affect your back and posture, as well as your circulatory system, which can be dramatically improved by standing rather than hunched over a desk. Standing also improves your breathing as your chest is fully open and allows more oxygen into your body, improving concentration. Being able to move naturally rather than sitting will also mean that you are burning more calories and helps to tackle high blood pressure.

Top 10 reasons to stand and not sit during the work day:

  1. You burn more calories.
  2. It corrects your posture
  3. Standing improves your circulation
  4. Standing helps with breathing
  5. It engages your muscles
  6. Standing kick starts your metabolism
  7. Improves your concentration
  8. Reduces stress
  9. Reduces your blood pressure
  10. Helps you get a better night’s sleep

I don’t think I’ll be enjoying the benefits at work any time soon, maybe I should start a petition? However, if you work at home or are in a position to make positive changes to your workspace or the environment of your employees you might want to look at a desk that could greatly benefit your health.

If you want to know more about Varidesk you can find out about their range at, with desks starting from £275.


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