The benefits of tea

tea-556777_1280I’ve tried to reduce my intake of tea over the course of my journey as I’ve been known to be a bit of a tea fiend, however I recently found that maybe I shouldn’t be so hasty to give up one of my favourite pastimes.

Supposedly, a study conducted of 2,000 people showed that 44 per cent of us say we don’t have time for a tea break, but 44 per cent of those who do take breaks felt reenergised, and 33 per cent said they felt more productive after a cuppa. Tea giant, Tetley, is now encouraging 500 businesses to ‘Bring back the tea break’ to enhance productivity in the workplace.

Here are some of the benefits that proves a couple of cuppas are just what we need to keep us ticking over.

  1. Tea without milk has no calories.
  2. Using semi-skimmed milk adds around 13 calories per cup, but can also benefit from valuable nutrients in the milk, for example, four cups of tea with milk provides 21 per cent of your daily calcium requirement.
  3. Tea is naturally low in sodium, reducing your sodium consumption can help maintain normal blood pressure.
  4. Tea contains less caffeine than coffee. One mug of tea contains about 50mg of caffeine vs 100mg in a mug of instant coffee.
  5. Tea is a great source of fluid. Approximately 40 per cent of the nation’s fluid intake today will be tea.
  6. Tea is natural!

Find out more about Tetley by visiting


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