What’s your nut of choice?

unnamedWell, it should be the humble pistachio as it has just been crowned Nut of the Year 2015, and at 100 calories per 30 nuts, it’s no wonder.

These protein packed mini marvels will now be on my shopping list, previously the honour belonged to the trusty almond and walnut, but I think this new foodie trend will be taking the top spot leading into 2016, as in all honesty I’ve become a little bored of almonds, unless they are being poured into my glass from a bottle of Dissarono…

unnamed (1)Having only enjoyed pistachios in ice cream before – DON’T JUDGE ME – I’m going to indulge my latest obsession, sweet chilli and buy a packet of Wonderful Pistachios Sweet Chilli. Hopefully the slight chilli flavour will be enough to indulge my taste buds.

If Sweet Chilli doesn’t float your boat, Wonderful Pistachio’s range also includes Roasted Salted, Salt and Pepper and Roasted Unsalted. You can check out their range, which starts from £2.00 on their website, www.wonderfulpistachio.co.uk.


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