Yellow tea is for me

herbal-tea-774815_1280It’s no secret that us Brits love tea, and I’m not different. In the past I’ve been known to drink 10 cups a day – don’t tell my dentist as I’m a sugar fiend – so I was intrigued when I heard that The Berry Company are giving tea a boost this autumn with their latest offering from their Special Tea range.

Yellow Tea and Coconut Water sounds odd but actually is a rare variety of green tea just with yellow leaves and has a sweeter, riper taste and is set to be a new trend – apparently!

‘Can I have a yellow tea, please?’ Just doesn’t sound right to me, but I’ll try anything once.

Yellow tea is paired with refreshing coconut water and comes in a handy carton for that on-the-go convenience. Pop it in the fridge and get a juice boost that comes with all those ’free from’ words we love – artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives and sweeteners – plus it’s great for the skin and the soul.

39DD80CC-1619-4D65-BE56-FD0E15B8ADA0 (1)

I think I’d be drawn to the Black Tea and Elderflower personally as I’m a sucker for elderflower, perfect for my sweet tooth, or you could try the Green Tea with Aronia and Blueberry (what’s aronia?), White Tea and Peach or Red Tea with Hibiscus and Cranberry, all of which are part of The Berry Company’s Special Tea range available from for £1.30.

To find out more about The Berry Company you can check out their website,


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