Winter warmers delivered to your door

Abel & ColeI’ve never been one for soup other than in winter – you definitely can’t beat a hot bowl of soup with a crusty roll – but in the quest to eat healthily I’ve come across Abel & Cole’s superb souping box. Personally I think that blenders should be used for delicious fruit smoothies with yoghurt, honey, ice and yummy fruit, so I’ve always avoided vegetable juices and soups as they don’t satisfy my sweet tooth, I also worry about what veggies should be paired together. Abel & Cole have taken all of the hassle out of that for me, thankfully!

Each box contains organic veg, plus herbs and spices so no nasty surprises when you try your homemade soup at the end of it, not to mention each box makes three healthy soups bursting with flavour and ticking all those pesky nutritional points that you might be after. Flavours include star and spice plummy beetroot which isn’t really my cup of tea, however spinach and cumin, as well as squash, sweetcorn and sage sounds right up my street, especially now as the longer nights are setting in.

Think I just need to start working on making myself some homemade bread and enjoying some post-workout soup.

If you’re interested in Abel & Cole’s superb souping box priced at £14.50 per box, roughly six to nine servings a week, visit


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