Waste not, want not

A UK-based husband and wife team have launched a new app for Apple and android devices called EatBy, and it is designed to save you money by reminding you to eat food before it goes out of date. Quite a straight forward concept and with a name like EatBy, you can’t mistake its purpose.

SAMSUNG CSCAccording to creator, Steffan and Barbara Lewis, their intention was to design an app that is beautiful (that’s in the eye of the beholder their guys) and that is functional, helping to lower food bills, cut the amount of food waste we have and reduce our environmental impact, a triple treat for users.

I had a little look at the app and the premise is very simple, you scan you food’s barcode much like you would with MyFitnessPal and then input the date the item goes out of date and the save the item, you’d then be notified of your foods impending doom encouraging you to eat it. You can also create a shopping list, either from scratch or using items from your current fridge.

red-417106_1280The main problem I have with this app – it’s time consuming. It would probably work great if you lived on your own, as a problem that I have with fresh ingredients is that sometimes they can be forgotten about, especially if I’m having a busy week and I prep early on and then only venture into the fridge to get a pre-prepared meal. This would not work for a family of four. Parents have little time as it is if they have little ones and asking mum or dad to input a week’s worth of shopping barcodes and expiry dates into an app could take an hour, not to mention they would have to do this every week. Maybe get the kids to do it yes, but then all your fresh produce is getting manhandled before it’s even hit the fridge drawers. It just isn’t practical to me. An individual who’s buying £30 of shopping per week, maybe, a family spending £100 or more on shopping a week, no chance.

I plan to trial this app with next week’s shop, something that I’ve gotten into the habit of, because let’s face it the weekly shop is the best way to keep on top of what you eat. I’ll let you know how my adventure with EatBy goes via my Twitter account @MyBoyfGym.

EatBy App is available for Apple and Android devices. Visit http://eatbyapp.com for further information or do what I did and search EatBy Smart Kitchen in the App Store.


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