What I learnt in my first week of blogging

Latenight editignIt’s hard. Fact.

I know that in six months it will be second nature, and I will have established social media platforms rather than the measly numbers I have after five days (16 likes on Facebook, 34 followers on Twitter). I’m not counting Instagram as my growing following was one of the reasons I started My Boyfriend|Gym in the first place (1,300 followers), however five late nights, interfering with the main reason I started this blog in the first place – my fitness – and the constant stream of ideas running through my mind distracting me from other areas of my life such as meal prepping, and generally enjoying life has made me question why I decided to do this.

I decided to do it because of a) pressure from a friend who I’d pressured into reviving her blog (here), so yes I brought this on myself and b) because I want to progress with my fitness. Plateauing is very disheartening and some days it makes you want to throw it all in and make the chocolate bar you’ve just bought to cheer yourself up with a permanent fixture again. However, nothing worth it is easy as they say and this, just like with losing weight, is going to be an up and down road.

Here are a few things that I’ve learnt in my first week of blogging:
1. Isnta smartphoneTraffic doesn’t happen with one post. I’ve over 1,300 followers on Instagram and I thought that I would see some nice numbers in my first week. On the one hand I was apprehensive to launch as I was worried that my followers would decrease with people thinking ‘NOT ANOTHER BLOGGER’ but on the other hand I thought that my followers would be really receptive as it was a shared interest blog, however in reality neither happened. I’ve learnt that they will probably scroll past your posts whether its weight loss related or a blog post. I know consistency is key here, blog posts with normal posts on a regular basis, making people aware and getting regular visitors. I just hope in time I see the growth that I want. I have big plans.

2. Don’t be afraid. I was hesitant to start as criticism can come from all around, mostly small minded people who have nothing better to do, and those comments scared me however, once it’s done you should put it to the back of your mind and move on. I’m not one to care for the opinions of others unless those people are important to me, I don’t like to let other people’s insecurities dominate my life – I have my own demons to contend with – so why I worried in the first place is beyond me. This isn’t to say that I don’t care entirely, I did care when I was a teenager, cared what bitchy girls and egotistical guys thought, now I know who I am and it’s neither here nor there. I think I get more angered that they think they can make comments to people that are unacceptable rather than the context itself. Plus, if you’re reading this right now, that’s a visitor and a view – so thanks.

online-942408_19203. Each social media platform is different. I’ve personally been building my Instagram account (Loz_Mort) for the past six months and I’ve neglected my other personal accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has been a bit of a full time job as a platform for motivating me, however since Monday and the launch of My Boyfriend|Gym I’ve realised that I’ve forgotten the inner workings of other platforms that will help me now. Putting all my eggs in one basket was probably a mistake. Relearning and finding out how best to approach Twitter and Facebook as a branding tool is taking its time.

blog-327073_19204. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule. As I said I’ve been having late nights, mostly because even though I’m ready to sleep I
have a lot going through mind, this was the case before but now the priorities are different. I hadn’t been prepared to launch this week and I wish I hadn’t, I wasn’t prepared for what was to come, writing posts each night, thinking about what posts to write and constantly thinking how I can get noticed is a straining process. Really, there should be a rule that a blog can only be started by two people, that is so that one of you can rest while the other does some stuff, and then you swap. You can each then build different social media platforms, I mean how is one person meant to have a personal selection of social media and one for their emerging brand and still stay sane? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Vine etc. I just can’t keep up. Safe to say I’m going to be writing my posts as far in advance as possible and schedule within an inch of my life. I’m looking for a social media manager; does anyone want to do it… for free of course? I’ll throw in some hugs and maybe a nakd bar or two.

5. IMG_9886Enjoy it. This week I’ve been excited by each visitor. It means that I’m reaching people and offering a support that I used to only receive through Instagram. It’s going to take time but once I’m in a rhythm and uploading and promoting I’m going to be getting those views more and more (hopefully) and I’m still going to be enjoying it, thinking that’s another person who cared to view. I can’t wait to get going on projects for future posts and learning more about my weight loss journey and, even though I’m not entirely caught up on sleep this week after a dreaded fire alarm incidence last night that woke me up mid slumber, I’m happy and excited about what’s to come.

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2 thoughts on “What I learnt in my first week of blogging

  1. Sounds as though you have had a good first week though! Took me months to figure out that I should start promoting on social media, it was a slow journey!! You will definitely find your rhythm soon though – it’s about finding the balance between blogging and life and not pressuing yourself to post too much! x

    Jasmin Charlotte


    1. Hi Jasmine,
      Thank you 🙂
      Well I’m a journalist by profession so I’m just transferring what I do at work onto a personal platform, so it isn’t as foreign a concept to me. I hope I get my rhythm soon for sure. I know, I feel I need a post every day but some successful blogs I’ve seen don’t post half as much as I thought. I need to relax lol


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