The ‘on the go’ gym bag

henty bikeWorking in an office and fitting in your exercise regime can be difficult, luckily for me my gym is downstairs from my flat and if I actually was desperate there is gym directly next door to my office as well – handy.

Now the Henty Wingman is the ultimate accessory for your on the go lifestyle, or so they say. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it out for myself but it actually looks like it would be ideal to take you from office to gym in 60 seconds, and if my office had a more rigid dress code there would definitely be need for this.

unnamed (4)According to Henty it is an innovative bag for suits and dresses allowing you to get changed on the go. It rolls to become a compact satchel-style bag and fits in normal locker spaces, and features a main compartment for your suit jacket, shirt, trousers or dress (or both), and on the outside there is a zipped pocket for carrying your electronic devices, keys, purse or wallet, anything you need to take with you on a daily basis really.

I was thinking though, your shirts and dresses will be ruined but according to Henty creases are minimised by its semi-rigid ribs and comes with an extra bag which fits inside the roll, for shoes. I actually think this may be the most practical bag I’ve ever come across, it even has a waterproof cover.

Probably my only issue is the price. A little bit much for me personally but if you work in a job where your appearance is everything then it would work for you, and be a great investment. 

Watch this quirky 60-second video which demonstrates how the bag works.

The bag is available in a range of colours and can be bought from £119 from, delivered in 2-3 days.


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