Don’t hide away those bikini bodies just yet

person-691398_1280Autumn may be here, but summer is desperately trying to keep itself in the picture with some sunny days among the rain and gloom, and just because we’re pulling out our jumpers and hoodies, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep what’s underneath on top form.

Jane Michell, nutritionist, weight loss expert, author and founder of Jane Plan, shares her tips for staying trim in the colder months despite the layers.
1. Drink peppermint tea. It soothes inflammation in the gut, and drinking a cup 30 minutes after a meal can remove that dreaded bloat.

2. Avoid a snack attack. Avoid high, empty calorie treats like chocolate bars and choose crudités for high fibre and low fat, they will help your skin glow and brighten your eyes. Grab an apple from the fruit bowl or try some frozen fruit – the nutrients are locked in and it’s gorgeously refreshing.

3. Reduce your cuppa intake. Too much caffeine can knock off our energy levels and trigger sugar highs and lows. Why not swap a cappuccino for a zero calorie iced green tea?

walk-664898_19204. Beware of veggie gas. Veggies are full of goodness but those like broccoli, cauliflower and kale can create gas, so mix and match with light leafy salads as sides if heading to the beach.

5. Get fit at home or at work. Life can be busy but building a workout into your day makes it easier to stick to. Walk more, use the stairs instead of the lifts, there are even exercises you can do at your desk.

6. Avoid foods that trigger a sugar rush. Pastries, bread, pasta and white rice will quickly release sugar into the bloodstream. These may give you increased energy for a short while but can leave you feeling tired and craving more soon after.

drip-934948_19207. Chew less gum. It can actually bloat your tummy with air; prime your salivary glands and release enzymes and a surge in stomach acids.

8. Stay hydrated
. Sip on a bottle of chilled water, two litres a day if possible. It will boost metabolism and keep hunger pangs at bay.

9. Catch some zzzz’s. A bad night’s sleep can really affect weight loss. Running on empty can lead to sugar cravings and impulse snacks.

wine-791133_192010. Wave bye bye to the booze. Alcohol lacks nutrients and is full of empty calories, avoid it altogether or try to choose slim line tonic or white wine spritzers.

Interested in Jane Plan? Visit the website,


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