What to think about when picking a plan

In the last nine months I have learnt that every plan thinks they’re right for you and everyone and their friend will tell you it will work for you too. Phfft. 

Unlikely. Everyone is different. Fact.

With that said I came up with five universal things to do when deciding on a weight loss or fitness plan for you.

organizer-791883_19201. Stay true to you. The most important thing to think about is your attitude and your personality. If you’re like me – lazy – you shouldn’t choose a plan that right off the bat sees you meal prepping for six hours at a time. You’ll lose interest. Try things things that can be easily picked up, a friend of mine, who isn’t lazy, is doing a low/no-carb diet and she finds cutting out carbs has helped her to lose weight because it’s easily controllable – though even the most obscurest things contains carbs. But if you are a great organiser and the idea of Sunday prep club is right up your street then The Body Coach could be for you.

2. Think about your lifestyle. In the past I’ve rushed into diets and not thought about it logically. I used to do one big shop a month and then top up. ‘Topping up’ then lead to me going to the shop two or three times a week and then buying things that were bad for me. Now I shop weekly, normally on a Sunday or a Monday after work if I’m having a lazy Sunday and it allows me to eat fresh, and stay on top of what I’ve eaten. This is also means I have evenings free to meal prep for the next day, when I would usually spend that time going to the supermarket, deciding what to buy and wasting precious evening time.

3. Don’t be pressured. At the end of the day you have to pick a meal plan that suits you. Just because your friends are doing it doesn’t mean you have to. Weight Watchers may work for them but Slimming World could be more your thing as syns arestudying-703002_1920 easier to understand, maybe Jane Plan works as everything can be delivered to your door. You are the one that has to maintain your programme and just because Wendy Whatsherface and Nelly Nosey are doing one thing doesn’t mean you have to too. Be strong!

4. Brag about it. One of the greatest tools you have is your ability to brag. I’m not modest – its an only child thing I think, well for me it is anyway. But I found talking about my weight loss, telling people at work, using Instagram as a platform to discuss how I was doing, it all helps me to stay focused. I talk about my bad weeks too, but then they are just bad weeks and I’m still on a journey to a new me. I haven’t fallen off the wagon. Other people support you and then you don’t want to let people down so you end up doing it for them and you. I personally can’t stand the ‘I’m disappointed in you’ look or the ‘oh you’ve given up’ faces. Tell everyone you know that you are on weight loss journey and then your journey will be a hot topic. I know this has its downsides. It can be scary and what if you don’t lose weight and everyone knows? You just have to think though, why am I keeping it a secret? Is it because it’s going to be like last time where I gave up, or the time before that? That’s how I felt. So I shouted it from the rooftops. Be confident that you will succeed.

time-273857_19205. Give it at least a few months. When I started shakes the first month was the hardest. I was constantly hangry (hungry and angry). Every little things set me off. I’d come home from work and want to go straight to my room because the kitchen was a tip, dirty plates put in the dishwasher with clean plates, piles of washing up, food everywhere, crumbs, it was a nightmare and my tolerance for this disrespect was low. I had to go to my room or risk falling out with my housemates. At work I would be snappy, and tired. It was OKish the first two weeks as I was all excited about it but then it got worse when my body realised that the shakes were a permanent fixture, however, once hangry Lauren passed I was able to go about my life as I had before. Sometimes it’s about getting over the initial shock.

Tomorrow I’ll be telling you about my thought process and how I came to be on the plan I’m on in a bit more detail, so check back.

What are your tips for picking a plan for you?


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