How I picked my plans so far

When deciding on what weight loss plan I wanted to use it took me a while to choose. I didn’t just pick the first one I came across, I looked at a few, weighed up the pros and cons and how I felt about each one individually and my first point of call was meal replacement shakes with Herbalife and then when that inevitably failed me, I moved on to The Body Coach.

The most important thing to me though was fitting it around my lifestyle and around my attitudes. In the past I’ve given up on trying to lose weight because I tried to do too many things at once and I wasn’t prepared for what was to come. I just threw myself in and after two weeks I was weak-willed and gave in to the three C’s – chocolate, cake and Coca Cola.kit-kat-909833_1920

If I was to make this work this time, for the sake of my health and my personal life, I need to pick wisely.

Important things to know about me:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 13.46.03I’m extremely lazy. If I do something I like to do it the quickest, easiest and simplest way possible, however I’m a perfectionist. Polar opposites perhaps? So when I’m doing this easy thing, quickly and simply I’m also ensuring that it is done without a hitch. Over the years my need for perfection has wavered, however my need for things to be perfect does lead me to hate other people doing things, and the age old phrase ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’ comes to mind. This also means when people do things slowly, I get agitated. I’m also impatient and insecure in respect of my figure, though extremely confident in myself. I’m basically a schizophrenic bunny when it comes to myself, it’s the Gemini in me, I have multiple personalities and each one looks after a different aspect of my being. I wont go as far as to name them, but I’m completely aware that they are there.

So, what did that mean for me when I was looking at my weight loss?

I needed something that would fit the lazy side of my personality. I looked at a few programmes that had a lot going on and while the food would have been great, I knew that my main downfall was when I was at work, and I needed something quick and easy. Shakes it was. A few months later and I’d seen the results as I was basically not eating in the day apart from fruit. A few of my friends told me they’d used Herbalife as a quick option for losing weight, before weddings and what not, but I was determined and I lost two stone.

fruitI then decided to take my health seriously and stop with the FAD and learn about fueling my body so I looked at The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, who I had been following on Instagram for about a year, observing his transformations, drooling over his meals and just calling tenderstem broccoli, ‘midget trees’. I genuinely can’t call them anything else now, thanks, Joe.

Now you’re probably wondering what changed in me at this point?

I’d educated myself, to a point obviously. Plus I was seeing results, so I was motivated. I had also changed my living arrangements and was in a better position to have fresh food. I used to have one shelf and one drawer in the fridge, as well as one freezer drawer. Now I have two shelves, a drawer, a door shelf and two freezer drawers giving me a lot more opportunities. I was also sharing a kitchen with six people before, and now it’s just one.

Knowing that I love food – hence why I was in this mess in the first place – eating more and losing weight at the same time was what felt right and so I did all the research I could on The Body Coach. I downloaded his free e-book (which you can find here), I signed up for 14-days of free emails, I studied his Instagram and I googled him. It’s amazing how much you can find out from a quick Google search, especially when he is getting everywhere these days (ELLE, Hapers Bizaar, Cosmo, This Morning).

I also started talking about it to everyone and anyone. On Instagram, at work, at home, to strangers on the street – OK no I didn’t do that, but I did think at one point Joe should be paying me commission. I found that the more I talked about it the more I cared, the more it was real to me and the more I wanted to do it. In the end I managed to get one of my colleagues to follow a loose plan and to get Body coachmy mum involved (and my dad but his attitude is ‘I’m nearly 50, I can eat what I want’ – that’s what I’m working to too dad).

For those who don’t know, Joe’s plan is a three stage attack called his 90 day shape, shift and sustain plan. Personally I found the plan to be a little pricey for me, purely because the healthy food would equate to £50ish per week and then £50 for the plan itself per month, so having found recipes online that would help me with the first part of the plan, I decided to give that a go. Joe steers you away from low calorie diets which people believe will help shed the pounds, and while it does, it isn’t sustainable, so he introduces three low-carb meals per day on non-training days and then, on training days, you have a post workout refuel meal that include carbs. Not to mention the meals take 15 minutes to make.

So for me, he ticked my boxes. Quick, easy, simple and gets results.

I lost 6lbs. When I stick to it. I’ve found it extremely difficult to stick to and not because of the plan, I love the food, but because of me, but that is another post entirely (for another time). There has been a lot of obstacles for me in recent months, however I am about to use this blog as a platform to change that, I am determined. I am a full supporter of The Body Coach and unless stated any future weight loss is because of Joe Wicks.


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