My typical weekly shopping basket

Each week I spend about £30-£40 on my shopping – being healthy is not cheap! I usually buy the same kinds of things, and make the same kinds of meals and that is getting a bit boring, so in the coming weeks I will be making some changes to my meal plans and hopefully making a few more creative dishes.

For now though, I’m still buying my staple ingredients and making my tried and tested meals following The Body Coach. For those who are on a low-carb lifestyle, The Body Coach, or a similar programme, my go to meals are chilli muscle mince with yoghurt, flavoured chicken with veggies, omelette (Spanish or otherwise), stuffed peppers with spinach, eggy avocados and spinach, turkey burgers, chicken stir fry, burgers and homemade chips, salmon with scrambled egg and spinach, protein pancakes and overnight oats. There may be one or two more but when I’m in a rush I know that I’ll have the ingredients to make one of the above if I can’t stick to my weekly plan.

IMG_0492My typical shop looks something like this:


Fage Total 0% yoghurt
Goats cheese

Why: I’m a big advocate of Fage, I was introduced to it by The Body Coach, naturally, and I’ve used it for months now. It’s a bit more expensive that other yoghurts but is nice and thick and perfect to dollop on top of spicy foods, to eat as a snack or, my personal favourite, as a sweet treat opposed to chocolate after dinner with a bit of fruit.

Extra lean muscle mince

Why: This chicken was in the reduced section and only 257 calories per half pack. I usually buy fresh pre-packed chicken breasts as they are easy to freeze and defrost with ease but this saves me a bit of time. Extra lean mince (5% fat) is a must as I can do a lot with mince whether it’s beef or turkey, I basically buy this every week.



Why: Bananas are for smoothies, pancakes and to accompany yoghurt, as well as a snack. Bananas are good post workout and sometimes I’ll have one after a lunchtime walk. Again, strawberries and raspberries are great for smoothies and topping pancakes, but strawberries in moderation and these can also be switched out for blackberries and blueberries.


Baby corn
Fine beans

Why: I’ve noticed lately I’ve been really sluggish, and that wasn’t the case about a month ago when I was fully on track – exercising and eating right. I know that I was tired, but more physically than mentally and I’ve come to realise it is because I’m not eating the right things. Now I’m eating large doses of spinach and veggies to boost me mentally. Bread and fatty foods have done nothing for me lately, what you eat really does make so much difference.

Rice noodles

Broccoli florets

Why: These are freezer staples!! If I’m in a hurry or had a long day and need something quick then frozen vegetables are my go to. Just 10-15 minutes and they’re ready, throw some chicken in the frying pan (coconut oil and spices too) and it’s a quick, little effort meal. A bag of each usually lasts me about six weeks, which is definitely worthwhile when they are £1 each.

Since starting to eat healthier I’ve noticed just how much harder it is to eat fresh. I waste a lot of food, just yesterday I threw away half a pack of asparagus, half a pack of baby corn, four avocados, half a bag of kale, two brown bananas and four peppers. When life gets in the way it means waste sadly, but I’ve been meal planning for about two months now and it works. You can get the meal planner I have from Wilko for £2.50 and it’s been a lifesaver.


Weeks like this one though I just stocked up on everything as I’ve neglected my fridge and with my mass throw away (and a few days late with my shopping) meant I just needed everything. Knowing my fridge and freezer staples has really helped me keep on track. I definitely don’t know where I’d be without peppers!

What are your shopping basket staples? I’d love to find out to potentially add to my ever (unfortunately) growing basket – I often forget that I have a 10 minute walk home with three heavy bags – I get carried away, doesn’t everyone?


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