Gym bag dreams: Ghoulish green & deadly darkness

GymbagDREAMSWeek 1 In my gym bag

Hallowe’en is only a few short days away and while you will probably be tucking into the treats you wont want to put on the pounds that comes with it. This week gym bag dreams is inspired by all things hallowe’en, so expect ghoulish greens and the daring colours of deadly darkness, but not a chocolate bar in sight! 

Nakd apple crunch bar
A great high-protein snack when you need a pick me up post gym. Apple is one of my favourite naughty treats, I’m talking pies and crumbles here, so having it in my bag for when I’m a little peckish or on the go with little time is a lifesaver.

Firefly grapefruit and passionfruit
A delicious infusion of grapefruit and passionfruit, with each flavour coming through in an abundance. A natural drink with zesty and tangy flavours mixed with the botanicals guarana, rosemary, cardoman, and yerba maté. At 33 calories a glass place it is a natural alternative to quench your thirst if you’re out and about.

MyProtein knee wraps
I have a lot of problems with my knees from where I run, despite having proper running trainers. These simple knee straps would be a great support when I’m in the gym.

OGX Reviving Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo
Autumn is coming and my hair is in desperate need of some TLC and the reviving awapuhi ginger shampoo fom OGX would give it the boost it needs as it mends and repairs brittle and frizzy hair, and my hair so frizzy in its blonde state!

USA Pro ladies three quarter leggings
I get really bored of my plain gym clothes, but a little self-conscious to wear something too daring. These would look great with a black top, brightening up my gym attire a little without drawing too much attention to problem areas. Available up to size XXXL (size 20).

Domyos essential yoga mat
Trying out exercise DVDs at home on my hard floor is painful – sore knees, an uncomfortable coccyx – adding a little bit of padding would be ideal to stop those unnecessary problems. This 5mm mat from Domyos doesn’t break the bank.

Tunturi jump skipping rope
I find it difficult to incorporate other exercise other than running and walking, so a skipping rope helps me to mix up my routine and take 10 minutes here and there for a quick workout.

Black ‘Gym is my boyfriend’ sports t-shirt
This could not be missed, surely? It basically embodies the blog in t-shirt form! A cute top with a clear message, it  is also available in white up to size 16.

Infruition water bottle
I’ve been struggling to get my regular water intake lately but I think that would change with an injection of fruit with the infruition water bottle. Add any refreshing flavours that you like and unlike shop bought flavoured waters you aren’t getting those nasty artificial sweetners and additives, it’s just all natural. Simply pop your fruit, vegetables or even herbs into the infusion chamber and you’re ready to go.

Nike print headband
My hair is always unruly and I usually use clips to pull back stray hairs or keep a quiff in place, however these elasticated headbands from Nike are a mix of polyester, rubber and silicone giving you enough give to keep your hair at bay, while being comfortable, and completely stylish.

Sennheiser OCX686G in-ear canal sports headphones
When I’m in the gym I like to block out everything, and while there are some people who do the same, some seem to think everyone wants to hear their music through the gym speakers. No thank you. These Sennheiser headphones have high-level noise isolation so I can stay focused on what I’m doing and block out unwanted sounds.

Barry M nail paint masquerade (mixed glitter)
Just because you’re in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t care about your appearance. Barry M nail paint is one of my favourites, it goes on with little hassle and they usually hold a strong colour for longer than some other brands. Hallowe’en is fast approaching so add a bit of sparkle with the blues and purples of this glittery and eye-catching colour.

If you have a product that you think would work for My Boyfriend|Gym then please send me an email with cut out images and details to


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