Gym bag dreams: In the night


It is very clear that we are well on our way to winter, the nights are drawing in quicker, the weather is changing and I’m pulling out my winter clothes already. This weeks #GymBagDreams draws on the blustery, cold nights that we are now becoming reacquainted with, so enjoy the ‘in the night’ theme as blues take over

MyProtein women’s burnout vest
Slogan tees are my new obsession. This MyProtein vest embellished with ‘Work for it’ is perfect for the gym, catch a glimpse of yourself in that in the gym mirror and you’ll be motivated to keep going. Hard work brings results.
Note: They’re on sale right now (8th November 2015), visit the website now to not miss out.

Burt’s Bees blueberry and dark chocolate
It’s definitely getting colder and you can tell we are not far away from winter – though I’d rather it stayed away as long as possible! With that said lip balms are a must have accessory as you don’t want chapped and dry lips! I always have something to hand, and especially when I’m low on water a good lip balm keeps my lips hydrated!

Jimbag turquoise washbag
I recently bought a new make-up bag but failed to buy a new washbag, which I’m now regretting. This Jimbag washbag is the perfect size for me as it can keep everything in one place. It has waterproof lining and comes in a variety of colours. I’m a lover of teal, so this turquoise one jumped out at me as it’s not far off one of my favourite colours.

Lonsdale neo weight lifting glove
My hands get quite sweaty sometimes in the gym, the joys of being overweight – I definitely sweat more – so I always try to use gloves when I use weights these days. This pair by Lonsdale would fit very well with my glove collection.
Note: They’re on sale right now (8th November 2015), visit the website now to not miss out.

Sky blue 550ml Bobble
I need a new Bobble in my life, I may have dented mine in quite a few places that I have to get a new one… I MAY have done that, but at such a reasonable price (less than a tenner) it’s not a massive outlay. Essentially you get 300 bottles of water out of each filter, not to mention changing the filter means that you get basically a new look without buying a new bottle. I’ll take three, please.

Right Guard clean anti-perspirant
I’ve had a lot of trouble lately with my favourite brands, mostly streaks, and have been dabbling with Right Guard on and off for the past year. Now it’s my go to and you need a good deodorant to get you through and to ensure you’re smelling fresh after your sessions, especially if you can’t shower straightaway – thought obviously I don’t recommend that!

Women’s active sports bra
Good sports bras are hard to come by that is for sure. This one from Mountain Warehouse is a winner for me as it comes with all the essentials, compression style for extra support, antibacterial finish which keeps it odour free and it is also quick drying. Check, check and check. Plus it comes in different colours to colour co-ordinate with your other accessories.
Note: They’re on sale right now (8th November 2015), visit the website now to not miss out.

Polar M400 running watch
The Polar brand is one of my favourites when it comes to tracking fitness, and while this is on the higher scale of how much I’d pay for a fitness watch its waterproof design, as well as heart rate monitor and advance GPS means that it is worth the price tag. I also can’t get enough of the colour.

Inov8 F-Lite 240 women’s fitness shoe
As quite a light shoe the F-Lite gives you comfort and performance in one. Personally I hate bulky trainers, they make me feel like I’m stomping around, however this model from Inov8 has increased cushioning and memory retention for extra comfort and style.
Note: They’re on sale right now (8th November 2015), visit the website now to not miss out.

Lizi’s sugar free granola
I usually add granola to yoghurt and have it for breakfast but it has so many other uses that this week I’ve made healthy granola bars using nuts, sultanas, dates, chocolate, honey and peanut butter. They’ll be great for when I’m craving a sweet treat and I won’t have to have the calories that come with some of the naughtier things I like. Plus as it is low sugar they weren’t excessive in calories.

Enjoy the natural ‘kiss’ of flavour that comes from Nuva water, without the extras that you usually associate with flavoured water. Nuva, developed by the marketing director of Evian, and who doesn’t love Evian?, is the first 100 per cent free-from preservatives, colourings, sugars and sweeteners water, making it a flavour sensation without feeling like you’ve blown your daily calories on water. It’s available in three flavours but melon and jasmine would be my choice.

Stur coconut original
Stur is basically a lifelong gym buddy for those who want a hint of something in their drinks when they gym that will actually help you. Made using real coconut water you get 16 servings per bottle and it has zero sugar and therefore zero calories. You squirt a little into your water bottle and as it is high in vitamin C it contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and can help avoid fatigue and tiredness. It also helps replace electrolytes that are lost during exercise, and is a handy size for your gym bag! Available in coconut original, coconut and pineapple, and coconut and lime, it is a must-have gym pick-me-up.

If you have a product that you think would work for My Boyfriend|Gym then please send me an email with cut out images and details to


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