The Update: Week 1 of Myprotein 30 day challenge


As of today I am seven days into a 30 day challenge devised by Abby Pell for Myprotein, and it’s been an experience.

Official before photo for my 30 day challenge

I found the programme on their website and with a little help from the Myprotein team, directing me to the supplements I should be taking and the providing me with a little help with my workout gear, I’ve started the programme quite excitedly and actually quite confidently.

The programme meant I was eating six ‘meals’ per day including breakfast, two lunches, dinner, a pre workout meal and after dinner meal, the latter two being more like snacks, and all main meals were accompanied by supplements (detailed post to come). However, the main focus of the challenge was the exercise plan as week one included five HIIT routines and two days of rest that included just stretching.

I’ve not been that great at consistently doing HIIT before, I’ve been better at getting into the gym and building up my running stamina, so this was quite an undertaking for me; however it wasn’t as difficult as I thought because once you get through the first few achy days you find the pain is a comforting feeling, knowing that your hard work is worth it.

Weight loss bundle plus additional supplements to get me through my 30 days

Monday (Day 1)
The first day I woke up to my pre workout meal of quark and pineapple. I’ve never had quark before and it’s cheesy flavour comes through and I struggled to eat it, as well as not liking pineapple all that much, so all in all my day didn’t start brilliantly. I took two supplements with my pre-workout meal and filled my Myprotein shaker with water ready for my 26 minute workout.

The workout was four repetitions of the following with a two minute break in-between each repetition.

60 seconds of jumping jacks
30 seconds of butt kicks
30 seconds of body weight squats
30 seconds of high knees
60 seconds of mountain climbers
30 seconds of bicycle crunches
30 seconds of push ups
30 seconds of flutter kicks


Well, it was quite intense. I’m not going to lie I tried my hardest and as soon as I stopped I could feel that my inner thighs had taken the brunt of this workout. Jumping jacks aren’t really for me as, I don’t know about a lot of other women, but I get boob bumps to the chin. Not really ideal but, I put that to the back of my mind. Four repetitions of this was difficult and I definitely slowed down on the last two sets, but my heart rate was going and I could feel it working.

Struggled eating meal six as it was quite rich as it was yoghurt, protein and peanut butter, however after day one I was feeling OK, and that the next 29 days wouldn’t hold too many surprises.

My inner thighs were killing all through the week

Tuesday (Day 2)
Woke up aching EVERYWHERE! Especially my inner thighs, sitting was hard at first and after a while I realised that sitting too long meant I was getting stiff and therefore more painful to walk. Again I had my pre workout meal, however I decided to make a change and mixed a little bit of the double chocolate Myprotein powder in with it to mask the flavour and it did the trick.

Quark with pineapple and double chocolate protein whey

The workout was four repetitions of the following with a three minute break in-between each repetition.

45 seconds of mountain climbers
45 seconds of power jacks
45 seconds of lunge jumps
60 seconds of high knees
60 seconds of butt kicks
45 seconds of vertical jumps

In the past I’ve not worked out the next day when I’m in a lot of pain, however I didn’t have a choice with this one. My hands become very sweaty very quickly as I found that my hands were slipping during the mountain climbers, and with the lunge jumps I struggled to stabilise myself and had to do a couple and stop to readjust myself on the mat. Otherwise I was happy, just struggling with the niggling pain in my thighs.

Working out in my bedroom

Wednesday (Day 3)
At first I thought I’d fallen at the first hurdle. Day three and I overslept, meaning I couldn’t do my morning workout and it wasn’t a scheduled rest day. I walked home from work (50 minutes) as I had been doing all week and when I got home I just decided to do it and not think about it. It was hard, I was still hurting but less so, perhaps because I was doing it in the evening and my body had had more time to recover. I also had to make space in my room to workout as my flatmate had her boyfriend over and I didn’t think they’d appreciate a sweaty mess in the corner, heavy breathing and struggling to hold a diamond push up!

The workout was four repetitions of the following with a two minute break in-between each repetition.

60 seconds of jumping jacks
45 seconds of push ups
30 seconds of burpees
60 seconds of tricep dips
45 seconds of shoulder press push ups
30 seconds of power jacks
30 seconds of diamond push ups

I struggled. Some of these activities I’ve never done before or even heard of, I mean a shoulder press push up? WHAAAAT?!?! I had to modify the workout on this day, I’m just not in a position where I could comfortably do the moves without feeling like I was going to hurt myself. So, I did a modified burpee – I once saw a girl on Instagram who used to practice the two parts of the burpee separately so that she could eventually confidently do them. She didn’t have the same body shape as me. I like to think that I carry my weight quite well as a lot of it is positioned on my boobs, and then the top of my thighs and then my hips and therefore I’m quite wide. Other people have more of their weight on their stomach and are quite round, whereas I’m more hourglass, so while she had the same problem as me as that pulling my legs in to then jump up is quite tricky, she didn’t have the boob bumps that I have. After modifying my burpee I found that I loved tricep dips. They were hard but I could feel it and I loved seeing the full shape of my leg as I did it, as my legs are an area of noticeable improvement in in recent months.12242177_10153004990986887_157620475_n

Shoulder press push ups on the other hand were impossible and I ended up just doing normal push ups as I didn’t feel my wrists could take it and they might give way. All in all I was happy, and grateful that Thursday was a rest day.

I also hopped on to the scales and had lost 3lbs since Monday!

Thursday (Day 4)
Something strange happened to me today. I had a funny few hours at work and I’m not sure what the cause could have been. I felt hot – usually in my office I’m freezing – I was clammy and felt sick. I wondered if my body wasn’t reacting well to the supplements, or could it have been that I hadn’t drunk enough that day, or was it something I’d eaten? I wasn’t sure. In all honesty I decided to have a few days off the supplements and to ensure that I drank enough as it was a very strange feeling. I ate some chocolate (not on plan but I thought the sugar might help) and it did, but I was on/off hot for an hour or so. Has anyone else had this issue? I’m not saying it was them, but it’s the only thing I can think of that is different this week to any other week of my life in terms of what I was putting my body. All of the foods minus the quark and pineapple are meals I’d eat normally with no trouble. I’ve started taking them again now (Sunday) and I’m fine so far, but you can’t get on with everything, not everyone’s body is the same.

Night out with the girls

Friday (Day 5)
Friday was the one day that I knew would be a challenge for me. I was in London for work, so hot tubes and no refrigeration for my pre-made meals. I also didn’t have time to workout as I went to London early and when I got back I was knackered, had a half our nap before getting ready to go out with the girls from work for our official night out to celebrate the end of Christmas (don’t worry I’m not mad, in my job we have to look at Christmas from July and some of my colleagues start thinking Christmas in February, so we were glad it’s over!) We went out for a meal, which I’d pre-ordered and for the first time in my life ordered a side salad, as I’m usually a chips girl, and I got chicken skewers, again I’d normally get a burger. I had resounded myself to having just vodka all night as there is less calories (roughly 80 calories per shot) but after an hour and 10 minute wait for mains I’d had two glasses of wine. A treat. I drank vodka the rest of the night and resisted both a starter and dessert and drunk food! I’d have usually headed to McDonalds for a Big Mac, as I’m a sucker for a burger but I held firm. I also was dancing for a large portion of the night and could have stayed out longer if my friends hadn’t have left. I ended up doing about 5000 steps in just dancing alone.

Saturday (Day 6)
Extremely hungover! I woke up took some tablets and slept. Usually when I’m hungover I order something greasy or meaty with lots of bread and then veg on the sofa in a meat coma. NOT TODAY! I got up and had my breakfast, admittedly for lunch, but still. I then had a healthy dinner of chicken, mince, onions and peppers. I know there was two kinds of meat in there but I needed to use up both as they’d been in the fridge pre-cooked for a few days. I call that a win for me. Again no work out, and I stayed in my PJ’s all day, but I cannot explain how much of an achievement that was for me food wise.12270377_10153004990651887_1655484170_n

Sunday (Day 7)
Today was meant to be my day of rest but I felt bad about having had two unplanned days of rest. I completed day fives workout plan on Sunday so that I had completed six out of the seven days of workouts – just in a slightly different order.

The workout was three repetitions of the following with a three minute break in-between each repetition.

12243612_10153004990596887_443467183_n60 seconds of crunches
30 seconds of leg raises
60 seconds of mountain climbers
30 seconds of plank
30 seconds of side crunches
30 seconds of burpees
30 seconds of Russian twists
30 seconds of toe reach sit ups

Absolutely brutal. Normal crunches were fine, leg raises were painful! I started off well but by the third repetition I was faltering. I did achieve a personal best today though. I actually held the plank for 30 seconds. I’ve never been one for the plank. I’ve always thought I had no upper body strength and certainly no core. Previously I’ve held a plank for five to 10 seconds, nothing amazing I literally would drop straight away, so over the past year I have obviously developed my core without realising and achieved a little victory today. I know I’m going to hurt in the morning though.

12270014_10153004990631887_1148131245_nOverall feelings for the week:
I was happy with my progress, I walked home from work each evening apart from Friday when I was in London, but all I did on that day was walk around shows so I definitely did my steps. I forgot to weigh myself this morning however I took my inches and I’d lost once inch from my waist, hips, bum and thighs. My arms had stayed the same and I can’t really count my bust as though it had said I’d lost an inch I was quite held in. Next time I’ll measure myself in the outfit I measured myself in first off to get a better reading for my bust.

Happy with these inches though! I wonder what week two will bring.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the challenge I’m doing, and to find out the workout for the day that I missed head to the Myprotein website by clicking here. Check back next Sunday to find out how I get on with week two.

You can find some of the supplements to get yourself started here.

If you have a 30 day challenge you would like to recommend or are a brand that would like to sponsor me to complete an honest 30 day challenge with your diet/weight loss/fitness programme then please email Lauren at


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