Gym bag dreams: Purple passion

Gymbag dreams week 3.png

Midway through November and I take at look at the items I’m craving for my gym bag. From a Fitbit to a bottle of dry shampoo and a body wash that will have me silky smooth, everything you could need to positively purple can be found in this weeks gym bag dreams

Speed towel
I have to take a towel with me to the gym now, it wasn’t something I used to care for, I’d wipe my face with my t-shirt and move on, gross I know. But it’s all about respecting others in the gym and while some people don’t know gym etiquette taking it upon yourself to be respectful will get you everywhere, so a towel to wipe yourself and your equipment is a must!
Note: Once a guy came into the gym after what could only be described as bathing in aftershave and every time I’d breath in it went right into my nose and throat, to the point I stopped running and went on a machine far away from him to breathe fresh again. Don’t be that person.

Batiste dry shampoo
This is perfect when I know that I’m going to be working out on that day and not to wash my hair until afterwards. My hair is usually greasy on day two, or at least to me it is, but if I’m doing an evening workout I hate washing my hair twice in a day, it’s not good for it really. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver.

Fitbit Flex
I LOVE my Fitbit ( if you want to add me). I find it so motivationg and the challenges are really good for me as I’m the most competitive person you’ll ever meet. I usually try so hard the first couple of days in a challenge (when it’s someone I know personally) that my opponents lose interest as they can’t win. Personally it would motivate me to beat them, but not in this case. My Fitbit is black but I desperately need a new band for mine. I can’t recommend this enough.

Matalan souluxe printed sports vest
How cute is this vest? I love a floral dress, top, skirt, you name it. It’s cute! Work out clothes don’t need to be boring and plain, and this is a great option from Matalan. I find their clothes last longer than places like Primark but have a similar price tag! Bargain.

Activated chocolate almond spread
I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big almond butter girl, I love the nuts, but the spread is less my taste, however this looks delicious and may actually help me to overcome my almond spread dislike. Plus it’s from the Raw Chocolate Shop and they know a thing or two about superfoods.

Karrimor tritan water bottle, 550ml
I’m always on the look out for a large water bottle, as quite frankly it makes it a lot easy to watch what I’m drinking. With just four of these I’ve done over my aim of two litres.

Dove go fresh rebalance plum body wash
I used to love Dove products until I found out that I my skin is just too sensitive and I need something that’s completely free of additives. I still enjoy the smell and occasionally accidently pick it up and then have to put it back – old habits. This rebalance plum body wash will give you that soft and smooth finish once you’ve washed away your gym session.

Myprotein women’s athletic tights
Get in my basket! Purple is one of my favourite colours and yet my gym wardrobe severely lacks purple pieces. These striking leggings from Myprotein are perfect for support you during workouts as they are made with a spandex blend, so all the comfort and none of the embarrassing mishaps as you bend or squat. Available in XS to L.

Tangle Teezer
I have to condition my hair every time I was it, when I was younger I’d only do it once a week and if I was feeling lazy maybe not even that. My hair at the time just didn’t need it. However, a Tangle Teezer is the answer to my problems. Easy to use, much better than brushes with its special bristles and a great after gym item for when you’re in a hurry.

Eurohike essential daysack
Personally never called a backpack a daysack but whatever you like to stand out. I love it, it has all the space you could need for gym clothes as well as a bottle, makeup, a towel, I could go on. It’s also not as frumpy as other backpacks.



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