Gym Bag Dreams – Powerful pinks

Gymbag dreams pink

As I think back to the summer and wonder why it was over so quickly, I take inspiration from that short window of vibrant colour with this weeks Gym Bag Dreams theme – powerful pinks

Myprotein Smartshake shaker slim
When you’re on the go it’s easy to forget about the necessities such as your protein. It sits in a back or in a tub on the shelf and you don’t really want to be lugging it here, there and everywhere. However, this Myprotein shaker has a handy compartment at the bottom of the shaker so you can store powders and pill. At 500ml it is also perfect for getting in your daily water intake.

Nike element HZ top
It’s becoming extremely cold these days, and while I’m not one for going outdoors in winter months – I’m more of a hibernator – I do appreciate a nice long sleeved top to keep me toasty as I walk home from work. This Nike top from Kitbag does just the job nicely. It is a snug yet comfortable fit with sweat-wicking fabric, which is ideal for my power walk home on a cold night.

Sweaty Betty dumbbells
I’ve just discovered Sweaty Betty, it’s basically a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs, so when I saw these 1.5kg weights in magenta I was thrilled. Great weights for beginners and to add a little bit extra to your workouts that you wouldn’t usually use weights for, they have a comfortable grip, and not to mention a colourful addition to a workout routine.

Asics Gel-DS trainer
I love my Asics, I personally don’t think I’d be happy not owning a pair and I’m currently looking for an all black pair, however I’m tempted by these beauties. With extensive support they are great for runners, while being a great looking trainer.

Nike pink distance running band
Why do all the best running bands have to be boring black? Well they don’t, I think I’ve just been looking in the wrong places up until now. This one is compatible with iPhone 6 and is water resistant with easy access to the ear phone port. Comfortable and simple, it is a running buddy you shouldn’t be without. It even comes with a reflective logo to help with low visibility.

Sydney capri leggings
Something designed by Kate Hudson… Do I even need to say anything else? Available up to an XXL and in so many colours and patterns I couldn’t even describe them all in one post, the leggings have chafe-resistant design (thank God) and even have a hidden pocket for keys and what not. I love a pocket, mostly on dresses as who doesn’t need that, but even better in gym wear if you want to keep your locker key safe while you get your sweat on.

Arpenaz 300 rain women’s coat
A triple threat, the Arpenaz 300 is a warm, waterproof and breathable jacket which would be a superb addition to any wardrobe in winter, as well as all year round. It has an elegant design and is available up to 2XL, and is great for hikers and general outdoor pursuits.


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