Tingle your taste buds with ginger zinger

ginger zingerPremium freshly pressed juice brand, James White Drinks, has answered the prayers of ginger drink fans everywhere with the launch of its unique organic ginger zinger shot, which is guaranteed to revitalise the senses with its fiery zing.

This is ginger for the true ginger lover, made with 26 per cent crushed ginger juice, 57 per cent apple juice and 17 per cent water and absolutely nothing else. The Ginger Zinger gives off some serious heat, enough to give you a real jolt and is a great alternative to caffeine loaded coffees and energy drinks.  It’s also 100 per cent natural, so no nasty preservatives, artificial colours or flavours,  and certified organic by The Soil Association.

Apart from the taste, another factor that makes James White Drinks’ latest development so interesting is the use of pressed ginger juice, rather than ginger flavourings. The taste is quite distinct as the heat from real ginger comes more slowly and less intensively than expected. It is softer but, with 26 per cent of the new Ginger Zinger made of ginger juice when the zing arrives you definitely know about it!

The benefits of ginger date back thousands of years and are widely known and published to include relief from nausea and arthritis, along with the immune system boosting benefits.

James White Organic Ginger Zinger is available now, priced at £1.49 for 7cl shot.



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