A flexi-eaters fantasy!


Fry’s Family Foods have announced the launch of their new quality gourmet range of plant-based protein foods. High in protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids as well as taste, these new foods are set to be a hit with flexitarians across the country – not a flexitarian myself but might be worth looking in to.

Whilst 12 per cent of Britons follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, 35 per cent of Britons call themselves ‘flexitarian’, I don’t know any, do you? Flexitarians follow a diet that is plant-based with the occasional inclusion of meat products.

Research reveals that around half of adults say they are trying to get more protein in their diet. In fact, protein is the single most important fortification ingredient to both adults and teenagers.

meat-635797So how do you get more protein in your diet if you’re reducing the amount of meat products you’re consuming? One answer is the new gourmet range from Fry’s Family Foods.

Powered by nature’s plant proteins, this new range from Fry’s contains more protein than regular meat. Packed with quality gourmet ingredients, intense, unique tastes, they are made with 100 per cent natural, fresh ingredients. So if you’re a flexi-eater Fry’s Family has all the solutions with this new plant-based protein range for everyone.

The range consists of rice protein and chia nuggets, quinoa and fresh cilantro falafel burgers, rice protein and chia stir fry strips and soya and flaxseed schnitzel.

vegetables-573958Each product is high in taste, protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids. They provide a good source of fibre, contain no GM ingredients, hormones or antibiotics, and are a good source of vitamin B12. They contain no cholesterol or potentially harmful animal fats, so are better for your heart.

The B12, omegas and iron all come from 100 per cent natural sources – yeast extract, flax and chia. These nutrients are supplied by superfoods integral to the product, not added or from chemicals. Sustaining and sustainable, these new foods contain superfoods for superior taste and contain hearty plant proteins that do no harm.

From small innovative beginnings in the Fry Family’s kitchen, Fry’s has become an international success. In an effort to seek vegan varieties Wally and Debbie Fry, both committed vegetarians, began making protein alternatives or meat substitutes for their family. You can now find Fry’s across the United Kingdom at retailers, health and independent stores as well as online.

The new gourmet range foods from Fry’s Family Foods retail at between £3.00 and £5.00 and are available now in leading health food stores, on-line at Goodness Direct and at leading independents, plus from January in stores such as Holland & Barrett and Booths supermarkets and on-line from Ocado.

Visit frysfamilyfoods.co.uk for more information on their latest range of gourmet meals.



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