Nuts about nuts and seeds!

Nuts are a great source of fat when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, here are four nuts you should definitely be incorporating into your diet

pumpkin-237310Pumpkin seeds:
They are high in magnesium and rich in zinc, both of which help to promote a healthy heart and give the immune system a boost.



seeds-89018Sunflower seeds:
These tasty seeds are packed with vitamin E, copper and B vitamins like selenium making them a great antioxidant, a source for essential fatty acids and can even help to balance hormones.



brazil-nut-638972Brazil nuts:
Although dense in fats and calories, a small amount of these nuts go a long way. These nutrient packed snacks are great for digestion, skin, weight loss and repairing cellular damage.




cashew-nut-1098177Cashew nuts:
These sweet and crunch, pear- shaped nuts are packed with fibre, fatty acids that combat cholesterol and essential minerals that help prevent deficiency  diseases.


Credit: Crazy Jack Organic.


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