Six simple steps to start the New Year

Many of us are starting off the New Year with resolutions to lose weight, exercise and get fit.  Despite starting with the best of intentions, only one in 10 of us will see our resolutions through, with the majority of us abandoning them by February. So often this is due to attempting too many changes at once, or not having the right tools to help us achieve our targets.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day so Lucy Bee has created seven simple changes that are easy to stick to and will help you start the New Year as you mean to go on

Start The Day Off Right
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it in a bid to save calories! Even in the busiest of weeks you have time to make a smoothie, this example is packed with nutrients and vitamins.

lucy bee smoothieWhat you need:
Half an avocado
50g spinach
60g kiwi
10g Lucy Bee Coconut Oil
15g quinoa flakes
100ml orange juice
100g mango
Lemon juice (20ml)
80ml water

What to do:
Simply add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Easy peasy.

Allergy information: Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

January hair care
From festive hats to that New Year’s up-do, chances are we’ve put our hair through a lot during the festive season. Now it’s time to reclaim our luscious locks. Lucy Bee have found that a Lucy Bee hair wrap once a week had their hair thicker, healthier and longer in no time.

Gently massage a small amount of Lucy Bee into clean, damp hair and scalp. Cover with a warm towel or shower cap and leave for at least 20-30 minutes, before thoroughly washing it out.

Coconut oil works with the natural proteins in your hair to protect it from breaking. It’s loaded with natural antioxidants and nutrients which are key in keeping your hair soft and supple, it is also far cheaper than other hair treatments on the market!

bodybuilder-331670Exercise smart
With increasingly busy lifestyles sometimes just getting to the gym seems like a challenge in itself! So make easy changes and stick to them, start the day with a bang with a 2 minutes ab blast in the morning, during the day run up the stairs rather than taking the lift or escalator and do deep squats as you brush your teeth each morning and night.

Small changes really can make a difference and will feel more realistic to stick with.

Don’t cut food, swap it
Dieting is usually associated with cutting out “naughty” foods.  A more effective way of getting in shape is eating healthier meals not just less of them.

We can still enjoy our favourite dishes utilising natural, unprocessed ingredients without compromising on the taste. Try swapping butter or processed cooking oil for Lucy Bee Coconut Oil. Preparing dishes with this organic raw unrefined coconut oil means using more of what nature provides thereby making breakfast, lunch and dinner both nutritious and delicious.

smartphone-791179Technology detox
We spend so much of our time on electronic devices that it is becoming increasingly hard to switch off. Take some time to get off your phone, laptop or tablet, turn off the TV and engage in the real world. Whether it’s an afternoon, a day or a full weekend, knowing that you can switch off when you want will give you a sense of self-control. This tech detox is also a great break for an overloaded brain and tired eyes.

bath-465577New Year glow
It’s time to feel great in the skin we’re in! Covering up from the elements doesn’t mean neglecting our skin. Mix a tablespoon of Lucy Bee coconut oil with Lucy Bee Himalayan or Epsom salts and your choice of essential oils to create an amazing body scrub. Apply this all over the body using a dry brush, always working the strokes towards the heart. This brings toxins to the lymph nodes and will help to drain any sort of fluids, and is great at combating cellulite. Wash off in the shower and make sure to tap dry to be kind to skin.

For further information about Lucy Bee and the process of making premium quality coconut oil, go to

Twitter: lucybeecoconut
Instagram: lucybeecoconut
Facebook: lucybeecoconutoil


Credit: Lucy Bee


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