The Update – The ultimate challenger


This last week has been a big struggle for me. I really pushed myself during a Fitbit challenge and while it got me the results I wanted, I’ve paid for it this weekend by just feeling exhausted. I slept most of today.

IMG_2873A few of the girls at work got Fitbit’s for Christmas so this was our first proper workweek challenge and I stupidly underestimated them. In the past everyone I’ve had challenges with at work have basically given up after the first day or two because I usually go hard and then they lose interest, so usually I can go easy the for the last three days, doing my normal steps and not pushing myself too hard.

This week was not the case.

I was losing by about 3,000 steps on the first day, this was purely because I hadn’t had time to get my steps in. You’re probably thinking – ‘what an excuse, sure you didn’t’, and usually I say you shouldn’t have any excuses but I had company in the evening and had to work through lunch to leave early to go get some last minute food shopping. So no walk at lunch and no walk home, with a desk job that means I had to rely on the measly steps I did getting up for a cuppa, a wee break and my short walk around Asda. Basically I was playing catch up.

For the next few days I pushed myself, walking to work, an hour long lunch time walk instead of half an hour, ensuring I walked home, walking around the flat in the evening and walking on the spot for an hour before bed. I even walked the long way to work (an extra 25 minutes) so I could get in extra steps. By Thursday I was exhausted and on Friday I was determined to win even more. I’d not lost to someone in the office, and I wasn’t about to start.

I am extremely competitive. I cannot stand to lose at things I can control. I have gotten better with things like games, games are sometimes more about luck, however with walking I only have myself to blame.

I think I have an unhealthy competitive nature, and sometimes I scare myself.

IMG_2872Having said that though, I did so much walking I think I may have done a personal best for a work week challenge and I was so motivated that even on Friday night I was stepping away even though my opponent had said she was calling it quits as she was knackered also.

This has been extremely motivating for me, but it made me eat the wrong things. Some days I hadn’t prepared lunch and ended up eating carbs that I wouldn’t have normally. All the exercise made me hungry and crave sugary things –chocolate mostly – so I was eating things I shouldn’t have been to keep my energy levels up.

We’re having a break this week, but I can’t wait for the next one. Finally a challenger that is purely trying to beat me, and therefore truly motivating me!

I do think my competitiveness will cause a problem one day, but right now I’m still the champ and that how it’s going to stay… at least for a week.



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