Go suck a lemon, no really!

Typically, the only time I add lemon to anything is when I’m eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. However, lemon’s feature in some recipes I’ve recently been trying, including in smoothies and salads, but why are they so key to weight loss? 


Lemons contain pectin, and are a great source of vitamin C, potassium and citrus liminoids, which means they have many benefits that you might have overlooked before.

Four ways lemons can help you
wine-glass-1187641.jpgPectin helps to aid weight loss, while vitamin C stimulates your digestive track. Liminoids help to protect cells from damage and are great source of potassium which keeps you nimble.

Lemons are great for fatigue and long distance walkers look to lemon juice to keep them going.

Aiding with breathing problems, lemons in water help to reduce phlegm.

Lemon water is great for those who eat a lot of artificial flavours, as it helps to purify the blood of the build up of toxins.




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