The latest ‘health’ food to avoid for dummies

I saw a article on the Daily Mail on Monday regarding the seven foods that we shouldn’t eat according to nutritionist, Helen Bond, however I found the piece to be insulting to anyone taking their health seriously and it was basically a what not to eat for dummies with fairly obvious foods to avoid. It wouldn’t take a nutritionist to put together the fairly routine list of no goes, I could have done it, and probably charged the DM less!

If you have made the conscious effort to change your lifestyle in the first place you will have undoubtedly done your research, and those who haven’t will probably fall at the first hurdle as understanding what you’re putting into your body is key to attaining and maintaining weight loss. Even so, those who had a basic understanding of food, i.e. an excess amount of sugary food is bad for you, would know that that will these particular foods add calories and those dreaded lbs.

Helen’s seven foods to actively avoid, because lets face it, you obviously weren’t avoiding them before are:

Breakfast sandwiches
Canned soup
White bread, pasta and rice
White chocolate
Fizzy drinks

butter-1188059 (1)I’m dumbfounded – perhaps this list would have also benefited from including doughnuts, cakes, and slabs of butter?

Aside from the glaringly obvious categories here – fizzy drinks, which clearly no one knows contains teaspoons and teaspoons of sugar, and popcorn, which goes from a low fat snack to being a calorific monster once ‘slathered’ with butter or sugar – I think those of us who are switched on about our health know what we should be avoiding, and those who aren’t as food savvy, probably don’t care.

lump-sugar-548647There is a lot to be said about the intelligence of the health conscious public in regards to some of these foods, and I don’t think there’s an inability to comprehend the problems with smoothies and breakfast sandwiches, I just think that time and convenience stop us from caring at times. I personally pick up a Pret baguette without a thought if I have no time, and do it despite it being white bread and more salt than I have in a month. It just saves time and there isn’t always a healthier option when you’re on the go.

Obviously, anything that has been covered in butter or sugar is a victim of calorie adding. I can take a handful of berries and within seconds dip them in milk chocolate and sprinkle sugar on them and it is no longer a healthy option, just a mistake I’ll enjoy in the moment and then see it on the scale the next day. So pointing out the obvious when it comes to popcorn is a waste of time. Popcorn also tends to be a treat, when you go to the cinema when you also indulge in a bag of pix’n’mix and large Pepsi, I don’t think people sit at home scoffing popcorn daily, do you?

Bad for you, duh…
Good for you, obv!

White bread, pasta and rice – is this something of a joke? Haven’t we for years had adverts pushing us away from white bread – the invention of Hovis ‘best of both’ is a testament to that as we know that white bread isn’t healthy, and turning us away from these white carbs in general has been something healthcare professionals have pushed for a while. Pick brown rice over white rice and small portions of pasta opposed to several handfuls. I personally go by the practice two handfuls and one for luck. ‘One for luck?’ – I don’t know why.

soup-570922The one thing I did take away from the article was that half a tin of Heinz tomato soup for lunch is one of your five a day. I’m not a big soup person, and I tend to only have Heinz Big Soups as I like the chunkiness but I would have them maybe only half a dozen times in a year, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that Heinz used less salt and sugar in their recipes. Not to mention that they are a great source of lycopene – yeah I’ve never heard of it either – but lycopene apparently is an antioxidant that Helen says is ‘thought to be healthy as they protect cells from damage.’

Maybe educating us on the real products that are being pushed to us as healthy would make have more impact. Just a thought, Helen. Just a thought.

You can read Helen’s comments by clicking here, or to find ouseven popular health foods you should actually be more wary of click here



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