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If you’ve been on social media recently it would be hard to miss the phenomenon that is fitness favourite, The Body Coach, Joe Wicks.  Here is all you need to know about Joe.

IMG_2596In the last year Joe Wicks has gone from strength to strength, amassing a social media following that totals more than 2 million followers across Facebook, Twitter and his breakthrough platform, Instagram. He has taken boring fad diets with no carbs, no sugar and no hope and turned non-believers into carb eating machines, who earn their dinner with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions and salivate at his signature lean in 15 meals, which take on average, you guessed it, 15 minutes to prepare.

His flair for making fitness fit into your routine in an effortless and, quite frankly, welcomed way is what most of us has been searching for, and for quite a while. The thought of eating an apple for breakfast, soup for lunch and crying tears of sweat for two hours in the gym for dinner, has turned many back to their old tricks. As a binge eater, these kinds of ‘diets’ are impossible to maintain and I’m constantly finding myself going back to the fridge to satiate my hunger, but Joe has changed that. When I’m on track, it is because of Joe.IMG_2868
The self-proclaimed Body Coach, which basically means he is sent from the fitness gods to chisel our bodies into defined works of art, the Michelangelo of personal trainers if you will, knows his way around a kitchen. His meals are plates of flavour bursting with things you actually like and not just the ingredients you’ve been told you should like. Is that even possible?

From his oaty chicken to his self-titled pie, Joe has taken your fridge and turned it upside down, but his healthy lifestyle filled with real food does come at an equally real price and while your lovely fresh fridge looks like something you’d find in personal trainers home, it will set you back anywhere between £40 and £60 per week – and that’s from experience. Joe also charges £149 (or £47 per month for three months) for a personalised programme that aims to shape you and then help you to sustain your new lush physique.

While I haven’t succumbed to his programme just yet – not something I can afford right now! – it is definitely worth the investment as Joe has transformed tens of thousands of people into sculpted masterpieces.

So, what does Joe promote exactly? That would be his SSS Plan, which is a three-part plan that stands for shift, shape and sustain, each cycle lasting 30 days and is devised for your body and needs by Joe and his team. The plan is flexible and you can mix it up as you like making it easy for you to maintain and keep on top off. Or, if you’re like me and like to eat his meals as they’re just do damn tasty, but can’t afford a personalised plan you can devise your own from his latest book Lean In 15, and find recipes and advice from his website or by following him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat…

SSS plan

He’s basically everywhere yet has popped up from nowhere and became one of 2015s – and 2016s – fitstagram stars (a fitness star using Instagram to promote a healthy lifestyle). It won’t be long till Joe is at 1 million followers on Insta alone having proven he’s a social media power house, but other than posting daily, working out, cooking a few pretty meals and interacting with his strong following, what qualifies him to be this badass fitness guru that everyone has fallen head over heels for?

A personal trainer turned self-made health and fitness brand, Joe, who I call the fitness world’s Jon Snow, yes I went there OK?, took the bull by the horns in 2014 shouting his slogan lean in 15 out of his London flat window garnering the occasional odd look from those going about their business on the street below. He decided to educate the population of well, earth, on what they could be eating rather than meal replacement shakes and cubes of cheese – not one I’ve tried but if you’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada you’ll know – so with his degree in hand, and five years of personal training and three years of online nutrition coaching under his belt, Joe sent the fitness world into a spiral, and I think it might have something to do with those abs as well, but that’s another post all together.

FullSizeRender (5)He is the first man of fitness right now, and he is not one to be missed so if you want to find out more about how Joe can change your life then check out one of his many platforms and join his fit army, which keeps growing daily.
And that right there is lean in 15…

Learn more about Joe Wicks, The Body Coach:
The Body Coach website – Click here
Instagram – Click here
Youtube – Click here
Twitter – Click here
Facebook – Click here
Snapchat – thebodycoach

You can buy Joe’s book on Amazon – Click here


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