Gym bag dreams – Spring zing

It’s the final day of the Easter weekend and while we’ve all indulged in eggs these last few days, and maybe weeks, it’s time to get back into the swing of our fitness regimes, but we’ll be forgiven if we wait until Tuesday, right? Why not try these fantastic finds including a sweet smelling perfume from Monsoon, a salad in jar from Gym Bites and the alluring taste of peanut butter and chocolate? 

Spinderella tote bag from Hey! Holla (£18) – Click here

High waisted yoga shorts from Yogangster (£21) – Click here

Crop racerback from Yogangster (£19) – Click here

Morello cherry kefir super smoothie from Bio-tiful Dairy (£1.85) – Click here

Pack-a-protein chicken salad from Gym Bites (£6.50) – Click here

Peanut butter and dark chocolate bar from Kind – Click here

Punch Foods superseeds tube chilli smoke from Planet Organic -Click here

Smokey jalapeno chirps from Two Chicks – Click here

Maybelline colour drama lip pencil 410 fab orange from Wilko (£4.98) – Click here

Radox revive mandarin and lemongrass shower gel from Boots (£1.99) – Click here

Monsoon rose gold from The Fragrance Shop (£35) – Click here


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