Gadgets to mix up your meals

When you’re first starting out on your weight loss journey the prospect of new gadgets is always one filled with excitement. The things that you can do with your new gadget, you generally don’t stop talking about it and all its functions, convincing friends that they need one too, encouraging them to head online right that second and order the same one, but maybe in a different colour. So, why not shake up your kitchen surfaces and have the happy feeling once more with a new gadget that will kick-start your weight loss, as you find new and innovative ways to incorporate them into your diet.

mashaCreate a range of healthy accompaniments with the masha from The A Range. Not just for mashed potato, the masha allows you to pair your healthy proteins and occasional carbs with a side order of homemade dips and sauces. Knowing what goes into your sauces is very important as many shop bought ones can contain additives and nasty extras, and making your own is not only simple but easy. There is no excuse for cheap guacamole, hummus or pesto again with the handheld masha. It also can be used to make wholesome soups and is less fuss, and easier to clean, than larger gadgets.
Masha from The A Range (£29.99) – Click here




When minutes is all you have to spare in the mornings to throw together breakfast, a smoothie is the right way to go. Hassle free and smooth sailing! The extract pro blender from Bella Housewares makes it even easier as it is two blades mean that you don’t lose the important nutrients that can be lost in the juicing process with a lost of other blenders. The blades pull invaluable nutrients from the food, resulting in a smooth smoothie. You can also grind nuts, seeds and coffee into dust, and is perfect for making other healthy must-haves like pastes and frozen drinks that you would normally buy pre-made and could be full of bad ingredients.
Extract pro blender from Bella Housewares (£59.99) – Click here

Spend or save: Juicers!

Save spend juicers

Provides 60% more nutrients 1000 watt motor for powerful juicing

The juice stays fresher for up to 72 hours longer

Two speeds – one for hard fruits and one for soft

Bladeless – offering traditional cold press juice instantly

Suitable for making mocktails – and cocktails if you’re on a cheat day

Ability to recycle pulp to use in other dishes

Can recycle up to 2 litres of pulp for use

You can make nut milks, nut butters and sorbets

Can juice fruits and vegetables together

It can juice superfoods and large pieces of fruit

1 litre juicing jug

Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

Juica from The A Range (£54.95) – Click here
Whole fruit juicer from Bella Housewares (£149.99) – Click here





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