image1 (2)I’m Lauren, I’ve been on a weight loss journey since 5th January 2015 and along the way I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I’m slowly getting to where I want to be however I’ve plateaued in recent months and I’m hoping that this blog will be a new motivational tool for me, and for others too. Up until October 2015 I’d been using Instagram only to document my weight loss and when I hit the 1,100 follower mark I realised I was gathering quiet a supportive community, one that I truly appreciate.

I don’t have a weight loss target or a target weight, I’m just going to go until I feel comfortable but I know it is going to be a long road.

My Boyfriend|Gym is about fitness, health and lifestyle so features news, products, opinion, expert tips and general updates on my fitness journey. This is not about my full on relationship with the gym, so you wont find post after post of gym related info, but you will find posts that will help you with your own weight loss journey, because lets face it, we all go through rocky patches when it comes to our weight loss and it is very much like a tempestuous relationship. You have a fabulous love affair, you have rocky patch, you break up, you make up, you argue, make up again, but when it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be.

You can find out a bit about my journey up to when I started this blog (October 2015) by clicking here.

My background

I studied BA Creative Writing at The University of Essex, graduating in 2011. I have worked in publishing for the past two and a half years, firstly working across four trade titles in a small publishing house in Essex that focused on four very different industries, my favourite being the jewellery industry – I’m partial to a beautiful diamond or two. Following that I moved across to a consumer title at one of the largest publishing companies in the world, currently writing on their country lifestyle magazine, where I have been for the last year and half. I write features for the magazine as well as the website, attend press events in London and travel the country for press trips.

A few words from my life

Selfies | Creamsoda | Purple | Black | Piercings | Fake eyelashes | Blonde hair | Starbucks | Dairy Milk | Journalist | Roses | Star Trek | American Horror Story | iPhone | Instagram | Smoothies | Pastels | Asics | Contouring | Dogs | Writing | My health | X-Men | Coffee | Traditional | Hopeless romantic | Buttercream | Tea | Kinder chocolate | Broody | Big lips | Glitter | Friends | Happiness | Sparkles | Family | Tattoos | Teal | White tigers | Naps | Burgers | Cupcakes | Nutella | Netflix and chill | Horror | Anchors | Dresses | Killer Bunnies

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