WOW Wednesday: @larobots

LA decided to take the plunge with her diet and lifestyle 11 weeks, changing her eating habits from shop-bought lunches to homemade masterpieces. Now, as she’s hit the two stone loss mark, I find out how she’s coping and what drew her to Slimming World in the first place for our second WOW Wednesday

Don’t hide away those bikini bodies just yet

Autumn may be here, but summer is desperately trying to keep itself in the picture with some sunny days among the rain and gloom, and just because we’re pulling out our jumpers and hoodies, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep what’s underneath on top form. Jane Michell, nutritionist, weight loss expert, author and founder of … More Don’t hide away those bikini bodies just yet

Bye bye belly fat

Certified fitness professional, James Staring, has offered up his top tips on fighting your wiggly waistline and while I’m a firm believer in ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ he puts forward some interesting extra tid bits that will help you become the best version of you – something that James advocates. Check out his … More Bye bye belly fat