Are you on a weight loss, fitness or health journey?
If you are I would love you to contact me as I will soon be featuring real and honest stories that readers can relate to. You wont be required to tell me how much you weigh, I’d personally hate that, but answer questions on your plan, how you’ve coped, the changes you’ve seen etc, as well as provide images. Contact the email address below and you could be featured in the weekly ‘Wow Wednesdays’ that will be launching in the coming weeks, and wow us with your transformation.

Are you a PR?
As My Boyfriend|Gym has just launched I am keen to become established on mailing lists and receive any press releases pertaining to fitness, health and weight loss in the form of news, products, expert tips, facts, opinion, fitness trends and recipes.

Please keep in mind that the blog launched at the start of October and at the moment I am developing social media platforms.


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