To do or not to do

Planning is essential to keeping on track with your healthy lifestyle, or at least I think so! Finding the right planner for you, or just the pretty one that catches your eye can be tricky, you want one that you’re going to actually be happy to see and use, not something you’re going to put … More To do or not to do

‘Healthy’ foods to be wary of

We are regularly told which foods are ‘healthy’ and which ones are ‘unhealthy’, however while we are inundated with health food professionals, nutritionists, PT’s and doctors telling us to eat these ‘healthy’ foods, we should still understand what we’re putting into our bodies. Some packaged and branded products are dark horses in the ‘healthy’ category … More ‘Healthy’ foods to be wary of

WOW Wednesday: @larobots

LA decided to take the plunge with her diet and lifestyle 11 weeks, changing her eating habits from shop-bought lunches to homemade masterpieces. Now, as she’s hit the two stone loss mark, I find out how she’s coping and what drew her to Slimming World in the first place for our second WOW Wednesday